Accelerated Selling Program

The Accelerated Selling Program is simply not for the faint of heart.
It is definitely our most aggressive program and was specifically designed for the most motivated sellers. That being said, our program IS 100% Effective and is GUARANTEED to sell your home! If your house does not sell in the agreed upon amount of time, we will cover the mortgage payments until it does!*
SellingAccelerated Selling Program
Our Accelerated Selling Program represents an aggressive guarantee. In order to provide the guarantee, it takes an aggressive and consistent effort on our part and our client’s end as well. If you are NOT a serious home seller than this program is NOT for you. In order to be eligible for this amazing program, you must:

1. List your home within 5% of John McLain and The RE/MAX 365 's recommended list price
2. Drop the listing price by an agreed upon percentage every 9 days until the home sells.
*Guidelines must be reviewed in person*