New Jersey Probate Specialist

A Probate real estate sale is in many ways different than a traditional real estate transaction. Our New Jersey Probate Specialist and Team is skilled in selling probate and trust property.

Debbie McLain is the McLain Realty Team's Probate Specialist and has over a half decade of experience selling Probate and Trust real property. After Earning her Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation, she found a need to become skilled in Probate, the law and entire process of a Probate sale. SRES Specialists work with persons over the age of 60 that are considering selling their family home. What was quickly realized that unfortunate events occur with the aging real estate group and a need for more compassion.

Debbie not only understands and sells Probate Real Estate but also creates a customized approach to marketing and selling the property. This is based on her situational management approach and managing the sale of a home for those with financial and emotional challenges that Probate clients face when selling a long-held family home. Get in touch with Debbie today and she will handle the transaction with very limited stress to your family.

Some Important Information You Should Know

When considering the benefits of specialized knowledge and years of experience as you interview real estate agents, you must have some very specific questions to ask.

1. Have you Sold real property through Trust or Probate?
-Any agent may casually say yes, but be sure to ask them for details about the transaction.

2. How Long have you been selling probate and trust real estate?
-Probate and Trust real estate can be very complicated. It is extremely important to have a seasoned agent who has experience within this specialized marketplace. The agent must be familiar with unique disclosures as-well-as the terms of the Probate Code so they can handle the sale accurately and promptly. The agents should have an established system for Clear Communication between the parties and be able to explain processes clearly and concisely.

3. How is a Trust/Probate sale Different from a Typical Real Estate Transaction?
- Probate and Trust real estate requires special disclosures and listing agreements, diligent attention to the ever changing probate law and a unique marketing strategy.

4. How do you market Probate and Trust Real Estate?
- The agent must have a systematic approach and be prepared to present an aggressive marketing tactics, including marketing teh property even after the initial offer has been accepted.

5. Do you have Samples of Documents that I would Have to Sign or Read?
- Agents skilled in Trust and Probate real estate should have the most current contract documentation and disclosure forms for Real Property transactions. They should be willing to give you copies of these documents and provide straightforward explanations in non-technical terms. During the Probate process, the agent will often be called upon to explain the paperwork and process to lawyers, clients, accountants, trustees, etc. You must be sure the agent's explanations are clear and complete.

Debbie McLain
Owner / New Jersey Probate Specialist
Cell: 908-283-1983