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Love It or Leave It



We understand how daunting the home buying process can be. It is very common to feel extremely nervous about making one of the largest purchases of one’s lifetime, buying a home. What is there not to be nervous about? Investing in real estate is one of the most sound and significant investments a person will ever make towards wealth building and an early retirement. Spending months or years saving up for a down-payment, viewing many homes and finding your perfect dream home only to realize you have made an honest mistake. What happens when you realize that the new home does not meet your needs? This realization can ultimately be devastating to a new home owner.

That is why John McLain of RE/MAX 365 engineered our very own 2-Year Love It or Leave It Guarantee! We give our buyers complete peace of mind and reassurance
Our Love It or Leave It guarantee states that if you buy a home with John McLain and RE/MAX 365 and for any reason are not 100% satisfied, and love the home in the first 24 months after closing, John McLain will personally buy it back from you or list it for free! We take the risk out of buying a home by offering you our Love It or Leave It Guarantee. You can buy a home with strict confidence, knowing that if you don’t absolutely love it within the first 24 months, we will sell it for free! We will on our side and help you find a new home. We put our money where our mouth is and will make sure we find you the best home that meets your budget-or we sell if for free for you.

In addition to the 2 Year Love It or Leave It Program, John McLain and RE/MAX 365 offers numerous other Innovative Consumer Programs to assist Buyers in their search for a new home.

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Why Us

Expertly Trained Specialists
Unique specialist approach to connecting buyers and sellers.

Instant Offer
Our Instant Offer takes the stress out of selling your home! You get to pick either maximum convenience or maximum value.

One Roof Solution
In-house lender, title insurance services, insurance agent, interior decorator, property management & climate controlled storage units

VIP Club
Get lifetime access to our Free Moving Trucks, Party & Tool Sheds, Moving Concierge & More.

Guaranteed Sales Program
Sell your home within 89 days or we will buy it.

Cancellation Guarantee
We offer Easy Exit options on our contracts to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Trade Up Program
Buy one of our listings and we’ll buy yours.

Love it or Leave Guarantee
If you don't love it, we sell it for FREE.

Lease Buyout Assistance Program
See if you qualify for our lease buyout assistance program & how we can help you take on homeownership today!

Buyer Match Service
Buyer MLS Approach
Match. Offer. Close.