July 3, 2017 | John McLain
Well, if you are Governor of NJ, everything is open to you.  But what about the rest of us who had a tradition of always seeing the fireworks at Liberty State Park or on the Delaware River at Worthington Park to see the festivities at Shawnee?

Here is a brief list is closed.
State parks - By now you've probably heard that all state-run parks, recreational areas, forests, camping areas, historic sites, and beaches are now closed.  Park Rangers will still be Chuck Norrissing the area making sure nobody enters.

This includes the two state-run beaches — Cheesequake and Island Beach — and Liberty State Park in Jersey City. Here is a complete list of which parks are affected.

BUT, Muni Parks and Beaches are still open.

Most state offices                                All "Inessential" employees of the state were furloughed.  If you wanted to get a permit or something done via paperwork, you are out of luck.                  
Motor Vehicle Commission locations
If you'd hoped to get a new photo for that license, you're out of luck on Monday. But as the governor pointed out during a Sunday press conference, if you merely need to renew your registration, you can still do so online.
Meanwhile, tolls continue to be collected as usual.

Most state courts
If you have jusy duty on a state case, you may have lucked out!  You now don't have to show up!
Again though, municipal courts remain open. Check your jury summons to make sure you know which applies to your situation.

Unemployment offices
The bad news is that if you need to file for unemployment, state Department of Labor offices are closed.
The good news is that if you've already filed a claim, it will continue to be processed, because the program is funded and administrated federally.

Travel and tourism offices
 Tourism welcome centers are closed.

Disability claims are affected
Neither temporary disability claims nor family leave insurance claims will be processed, nor will applicants be able to view the status of their claims.
One bright spot is that disability designation services through Social Security is open through its hotline, which again is a federal program.

Also unaffected: Child abuse hotlines, child protection services and schools for special needs populations will remain open due to their being deemed "essential."
So too, with Veteran’s Haven North and South, which will both operate normally.

 What is staying open?

State Police and National Guard
Obviously the State Police will be running patrols and checking for the party animas under control.

NJ Transit
NJ Transit trains and buses will operate as normal.

In the 2006 shutdown, all New Jersey Lottery ticket sales ceased, costing the state millions of dollars. But this time, you will still be able to buy tickets. The lottery, one of the biggest revenue-generators for the state, was considered essential to New Jersey's finances.

Cainos and racetracks

All of Atlantic City's casinos and the state's horse-racing tracks will remain open, thanks to a law that was signed in the wake of the last shutdown.
Well, they'll remain open least for a week.

Road work
All road construction will continue, as will emergency repairs and some roadside safety services. That differs from 2006, when only essential roadwork continued.  Someone has to keep the 70% of roads and bridges safe.

Motorists will still have to pay tolls.

Child services hotline
The state Division of Child Protection and Permanency will continue child abuse and neglect investigations and emergency response. And the 24-hour child abuse hotline will continue. But all remaining functions and department offices are closed.

State hospitals
State hospitals and treatment facilities won't close.

State prisons and halfway houses won't shutter, though some inmate services may be interrupted.

Rutgers and schools
Public schools and colleges will remain open. That includes the Katzenbach School for the deaf.
But the state Department of Education's help desks, customer service, and other services will be unavailable.

Source:  nj.com


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