June 30, 2017 | John McLain
AP-  On Friday, the 30th of June at 9:32am, the local Police were notified of a bear running up the turnpike near and around traffic towards the off-ramp.  Records then indicate of a second call coming in at 10:13am, of a Water Buffalo about a mile down from the bear.  Closer to the Garden State Parkway and upon arrival police noticed numerous other animals, including a baby Giraffe Galloping freely.  The  one arrest came when they found the culprit who broke the animals out of their cells riding an Emu, which is a large flightless bird.  Officer Smith stated "it was like Swiss Family Robinson or an Episode of Gilligans Island I Tell You What."

At the present time all of the animals are still on the loose and we ask that anyone who sees these animals, invite them into your home and feed them some 4th of July Lunch to not only celebrate there freedom, but also yours.  The carnivorous animals are against animal on animal violence and will accept a Vegan dish, or Potato Salad!

This is completely fake but If you know anyone buying or sellinga home, call the McLain Realty Team ASAP! 908-878-9356


Have A Safe 4th of July Weekend!


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