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A Probate real estate sale is in many ways different than a traditional real estate transaction. Our New Jersey Probate Specialist and Team is skilled in selling probate and trust property.

Firstly The McLain Realty Team's NJ Probate and Estate Specialists decades of experience selling Probate and Estate real property. After Earning Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation, we found a need to become more skilled in Probate and estates.

Including the law and entire process of a Probate sale. SRES Specialists work with persons over the age of 60 that are considering selling their family home. What was quickly realized that unfortunate events occur with the aging real estate group and a need for more compassion.

We not only understand and sell NJ Probate and Real Estate but also create a customized approach to marketing and selling the home. This is based on our situational management approach and managing the sale of a home.

Secondly, for those with financial and emotional challenges that Probate clients face we have the ultimate Customer Service. When selling a long-held family home, emotions are involved.. Get in touch with the McLain Realty Team today and we will handle the transaction with very limited stress to your family. Which is our PrimaryGoal

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NJ Probate Specialist Near Me:

NJ Estate Real Estate Agent Near Me

We cover ALL of NJ from Salem County to Bergen any everything in between.

Debbie McLain
McLain Realty Team
Owner/New Jersey Probate and Estate Specialist
Cell: 908-283-1983
Office: 908-923-4538
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