Your Home Sold Guaranteed!  Or we will Sell It for Free* Now Available with More Options!

At RE/MAX 365, we sell homes for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, with limited stress to our clients.   We are able to do this through our Innovative Consumer Programs and our Team Approach. Most notably our Guaranteed Home Sale Program and 2 Year Love It or Leave It Guarantee!


Guaranteed Sale Program

As opposed to other agencies that may offer a similar program with only one option offering to purchase your home, we have expanded on our guarantee allowing clients and customers the flexibility in their decision.  We have added onto our Exclusive program with more options, to avoid the biggest Catch-22 in Real Estate and to allow more clients the options to enroll in our Guaranteed Home Sale Program.   Your Home Sold, Guaranteed Or:
  1. We will completely Wave our Commission, saving you thousands when the home does sell.  This means we will sell the home for free!*   
  2. We will Cover the mortgage payments each month until it the property does sell!*
  3. We will Purchase the Home from you with an up-front agreed upon price and terms agreeable to our clients before we begin our Award Winning 87-Step Marketing and Innovation System.
2 Year Love It or Leave It Guarantee

When you purchase a Home through Anyone on the McLain Realty Team of RE /MAX  365  and do not love the home for ANY reason within 24 months after closing, we will personally buy it back or sell the property for free!* This systems takes ALL of the stress out of the home buying process!  This Truly is our 2 Year Love It or Leave It Guarantee and is Exclusive to McLain Realty Team of RE /MAX  365    
 Contact us today to discuss our many incredible Innovative Consumer Programs* 

                   Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale Program          You've heard of the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, this is Better!  Listing your home as a Certified Pre-Owned Home means you are taking out all of the uncertainties that a buyer may have a hesitate over.  Being a Certified-Pre-Owned Home means you may
Certified FACTS Homes That Are Certified Sell... 
• For 4.65% More Money
• 28 Days Faster Than MLS Avg.

*All Programs Must Be Reviewed in Person as Specific Guidelines Exist.  Programs are subject to change.  Listing with RE /MAX  365 does not automatically enroll you into any of our Exclusive Guaranteed Sale and Love it or Leave It Programs.**          Each Office is Independently owned and operated.  RE /MAX  365   's Programs are specific and Property of   RE /MAX  365      .  *Restrictions Apply, Call for Details.*  


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Your Home Sold Guaranteed! Or We Will Buy It Ourselves!*

At RE/MAX   365, we understand that this is first and foremost a service business and have built a team of specialists dedicated to selling homes for the most amount of money and in the least amount of time. Award Winning Real Estate Team. The reason our Award Winning Real Estate Team is So effective is because of our
Innovative Consumer Programs .
Each one of our Sellers, Our 87 Step Marketing and Innovation System gets results, and will sell your home.
For our First-Time and Seasoned Buyers, our 45 Step Home Discovery and Acquisition Systems get the Home They want and at the Price and Terms they want.

We are selling home for 4.9% more money and 28 days Faster with our Certified Pre-Owned Home Sale System.