Home Sale


If we do not sell your home in 66 days to a price we agree on, John McLain of the McLain Realty Team will personally buy it!

Your Home Sold at a Price Acceptable to You, or I Will Buy It Myself! Risk Free and in Writing.

McLain Realty Team’s Innovative Guaranteed Home Sale Program, Sells Homes Faster!

The McLain Realty Team’s exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program is put into place to avoid the largest catch-22 in Real Estate! Do you sell first? Do you Buy First? Risk is involved either way. You could end up owning multiple homes or no home at all. Our Guaranteed Home Sale Programs let you eliminate these problems.
Before you even list your property with The McLain Realty Team, a comprehensive market analysis of your property is prepared and we agree on the fair market value. Ultimately this value will determine the list price as-well-as the guaranteed sale price. You will receive this price up-font and in writing before the property or home is extensively marketed.

Once you receive our written guarantee, you will have the insurance and security of knowing that your home is guaranteed to sell! In the highly unlikely event that your home does not sell within the 66 day period, we will buy your home ourselves for the up-front guaranteed agreed upon price between yourself and The McLain Realty Team.

** Please contact me for additional details for this AMAZING program!! ** 908-878-9356 John T. McLain