The average person that uses our Flat Fee program saves around $10,000!
The fact still remains that 86% of Homebuyers find their next home on the Multiple Listing Service (mls) or through a licensed real estate agent that uses the MLS.
What this means to you is, if you do not get your home on the MLS, you are only reaching a paltry 14% of potential buyers. In New Jersey, ALLcommissions are negotiable. With Technology changing and sellers/buyers becoming more and more educated on the home sales process, some choose to not list with a real estate agent. Some sellers even try the For Sale By Owner route but close to 90% end up listing with an agent and they only stay a FSBO at 21 days on average. The McLain Realty Team of Keller Williams Real Estate has put together an incredible system that will catapult your results and will sell your home, ultimately saving you potentially Thousands in the process! Using a Licensed Real Estate Agent also has other benefits:

With our multi-tiered systems that are in place, you can start the sale of your home on the right foot. Even our least expensive option will save thousands! For example:
The median home value for a home in New Jersey is $304,200.
Listing with a regular Real Estate Agent charging 6% x $304,200 = $18,252 you would be losing in Commission!
Now with our System, you would only pay us a negotiated Flat Fee and pay a Buyers Agent 2.5% for the MLS. This would mean you would be spending $7,605 + our negotiated flat fee. That is around a $10,000 savings using our system!
Also, with our least expensive option, you will receive Posting on the MLS, 25 Pictures to advertise and market your home, an exclusive Website, Virtual Tour and a concierge service for feedback and showings! Your home will also be placed on Hundreds of websites like these:

I know you may be skeptical. But just give me a call so I can explain the process and also the cost for this program and the other tiers of service! 908.878.9356
Remember, all commissions in New Jersey are negotiable! If there is a part of one of our programs you like, but want to change, we can negotiate it out.

John McLain
McLain Realty Team
Keller Williams Real Estate
Agent Cell: 908-878-9356 Call or Text 24/7

**Only the McLain Realty Team offers these unique programs. Keller Williams Real Estate does not offer these to everyone. The MRT has advantages over others and are able to offer incredible programs and incentives. Each office is independently owned and operated. This is one of the McLain Realty Teams Exclusive Innovative Consumer Programs.***